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50th Women in Accounting Winner 2022

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Our Amazing Managing partner Michele has won the 50th women in Accounting award across the world; Not only does this show hard work and dedication, but also shows the empowerment of women.

A few words from Michele: “I am so honored and so grateful to have been awarded this title. If I can ever give advice about how to achieve the things you crave, it’s that hard work pays off along with believing you can achieve anything you want to grab; the world is your oyster!”

The newest Ambassador: for the IAB

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A golden success starts with Bookkeepers, our MP is helping the way forward.

We are pleased to announce that our Managing partner is now an ambassador of the IAB.

Some words from Michele: “I know that bookkeepers are like Gold dust, Good Bookkeepers help the success of us Accountants and companies globally. They are the way forward in the Accounting Industry, we need more of them.”